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Welcome To BaconzCustoms!

At BaconzCustoms we take pride in making the best Keyboards for our clients.

From custom commissions to modding prebuilt keyboards to improve their feel and typing experience we can help you find the best keyboard and desk accessories for your needs.

Feel free to drop us a message on our contact us page or if you want to place a custom commission head on over to our commissions page where we aim to contact you and discuss all options available 🙂

Meet The Team!

Hey! my name is Luke A.K.A. Bacxnz or Baconz with an X!

i started off making custom keyboards for myself and loved the hobby, pretty soon after showing the keyboards on twitch a few clients got in touch and placed orders, i decided to make an ETSY store and BaconzCustoms was born!

if you ever want to discuss anything feel free to drop me a message on the contact page or even drop into discord and drop me a message 🙂